Customer case: Bakeronline | A special e-commerce platform for local bakers

Bakkersonline is pursuing their international goal to become the largest online e-commerce platform for bakers, pâtissiers and chocolatiers

Buying fresh croissants, bread or patisserie without having to stand in line is now possible thanks to Bakeronline. It is a new reality for modern and more digitized customers.


Bakeronline is a Belgian company, founded in 2012 as Bakkersonline and a part of Localtomorrow NV. The idea for Bakkersonline was born in a "student room" and later set-up by Maxim Sergeant while studying commercial sciences at Ghent University. With the groundbreaking Bakkersonline concept, Maxim was named Ghent's Student Entrepreneur of 2015. Due to its international character Bakkersonline turned out to be extremely successful. That’s when Maxim decided to change the company name to Bakeronline.

The growth of the progressive Bakeronline did not stop there. In 2018 Bakeronline united its efforts with Puratos - an international producer and distributor of raw materials for bread, pastries and chocolate. Because of this collaboration, Bakeronline has quickly surpassed its start-up phase and transformed into a successful scale-up. The collaboration between the two parties has set the tone for the digital transformation of bakers, pâtissiers and chocolatiers. With the Bakeronline tool, bakers can design their own online and in-store business.

A special proposition:
e-commerce for local bakers

Due to the rapid and increasing digitization, both B2B and B2C entrepreneurs are in charge: they have full control over doing business online. And especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic this means that you can seize opportunities like never before. As an e-commerce entrepreneur standing still means going backward. That’s why you need to keep up with changes if you want to keep your business successful.

Despite the coronavirus and thanks to his entrepreneurial mentality Maxim was quickly able to switch in order to respond to the needs of consumers. His tailor-made e-commerce tool can help local bakers bring their products to the "online customers". "With Bakeronline, I want to help local bakers digitize their custom business," says Maxim Sergeant, CEO of Localtomorrow. "It really revolves around the bakery and the product range. That's what makes Bakeronline so unique."


PAY: a jack of all (payment) trades

Bakeronline's reach is unprecedented: the e-commerce platform is now globally active. Local bakers also use the platform on a more international level. The business model is very successful because it focuses on personalized online webshops. This allows local bakers to sell products in their own style.

The best player in the payments market? That's PAY! Connecting your company to PAY. means that you experience both the advantages of a large PSP and the advantages of a small tech scale-up. PAY. has a wide range of the most popular payment methods. They also have the best technology to facilitate payments. The personal contact is great; PAY. is young, innovative and agile. The advantages are endless.. without a doubt! "

An online e-commerce tech giant such as Bakeronline requires a partner who manages the back-end payment processes smoothly. "I have plenty work to do on the front-end side," says Maxim while laughing. "That’s why it’s great to know that payments are running seamlessly through a good-functioning platform. I could not have imagined a better match than with PAY, our current Payment Service Provider and partner. We did have our fair share of problems with previous payment partners. It was either the system or technology that was unstable or did not work efficiently. As a result, consumers were unable to pay online. We also had problems with transferring money directly to our customers (the bakers). Switching to PAY. is a world of difference, they are very progressive with their technology. The transaction costs are market competitive and the communication is outstanding! As a partner, I feel heard. PAY. has an entrepreneurial way of thinking that helps our business to become even better. PAY. is really a jack of all (payments) trades!"


Conduct e-business with confidence

The bar is set very high in e-commerce but Bakeronline knows how to respond effortlessly to the wishes of their customers. "And with a Payment Service Provider like PAY. - who thinks out-of-the-box - ideas are executed effortlessly and extremely quick. And in turn this helps Bakeronline to continue achieving success," says Maxim. With out-of-the-box thinking, Maxim is referring to the PAY. Alliance partnership where the best of both worlds is combined. Advantages of an Alliance partnership include offering payment options without licensing fees, less debtor risk and cost saving on Risk & Compliance.

Bakeronline is a PAY. partner but also the merchant that offers its services to sub-merchants via the platform. Maxim: "This is a great extra service that only a few Payment Service Providers offer. And for me this is one less thing to worry about. I don’t have to worry about a thing whenever I decide to connect 100 new bakers to the platform within a week. PAY. takes the entire KYC onboarding process out of your hands: from screening to the compliant set-up of the payment flows. At the end of the day, I receive a nice overview of the status of all customers that are being boarded. Are there complications somewhere along the way? That’s not a problem for PAY. I can even call my account manager Joost during the weekend. There is always room for a conversation and no effort is too much. PAY. is amazing!"

PAY. is very close with their partners - I speak from experience. A few years ago, there was a big launch for the payment of online orders via the Bancontact app. I also wanted to offer this option to the customers of Bakeronline. To make this possible short-term, PAY. drove to Bancontact's head office to ‘fix’ this bump.. and that was just a few days before the Christmas season! Thanks to PAY. Bakeronline was able to process payments via the Bancontact app. That is customer service at its best. PAY. walks through fire for you."

A taste for more: further internationalization

Bakeronline has quickly become the most used online e-commerce tool among local entrepreneurs. The company initially focused on bakers. However, since the platform has expanded its empire it has now added and (recently) Chocolatiersonline to their portfolio.

In addition to the expansion of other sectors, Bakeronline wants to take its international growth to an even higher level. Unfortunately, further internationalization does not come without a struggle. Customer’s online payment needs vary a lot, also worldwide. "But with PAY. that’s not a concern for Bakeronline either," says Maxim. "PAY. offers a wide range of payment methods. Our customers in Belgium mostly use Bancontact and Payconiq and our Dutch customers use iDEAL. In addition, Visa and Mastercard are often used in France and Spain. Finally, our German customers prefer to use SOFORT Banking and Giropay. PAY. really has the most popular payment methods for every online and offline consumer market."

Bakeronline has been able to introduce its e-commerce tool in many different countries, but the international dream continues. That is why Maxim wants to add several countries to his platform in the upcoming period while doing so with PAY: "We are ready to become the largest e-commerce business. We want people to be able to order online in every village. Not only with bakers, but also with other local entrepreneurs. With PAY. on our side we are going for it!''


For more information, contact us at or by telephone on 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.

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