Customer case: ToyChamp

Customer case: ToyChamp

"It is our mission to make children’s dreams come true in our stores full of magic" is ToyChamp’s motto. ToyChamp opened its first 5 stores in The Netherlands in 2001/2002 and are pioneers in the toy sector. The first steps were taken in 1989 by CEO Koen Nolmans, who joined his father's company (Nolmans-Familiewinkels NV). Soon, brothers Wim and Frank Nolmans also joined the team and continued the toy brand’s family tradition. 



Currently, the successful toy chain has 29 stores, nine in Belgium and twenty in The Netherlands. ToyChamp also offers the wide range of toys via and


Where childhood dreams come true

ToyChamp is a multi-channel company: the online webshop and the physical stores of the toy chain form a strong package deal. Kathleen Claeskens, e-commerce manager at ToyChamp: "That's right! Retail and Etail belong together and we at ToyChamp are constantly working towards this idea."

Unlike other toy companies, ToyChamp offers a wide range of products and services. ToyChamp stands out because they keep a sharp eye on customer needs: the company makes maximum use of the physical experience. "It's not just the range and size of our stores that contribute to this," says Kathleen. "In addition to buying toys, children can also play in our shops. We create the ToyChamp experience through life-size shop-in-shops from LEGO, Playmobil, Schleich and Sylvanian Families and many others. There are also play tables in the shops so that children can enjoy their visit even more. ToyChamp is a place where childhood dreams come true."


PAY. is the total package

The ToyChamp formula is immensely successful. The company responds strategically to developments other toy chains ignore. ToyChamp knows that a visit to a toy store is no longer a short pit stop; it’s a family trip. The online webshop is an extension of this. Is a product out of stock or did the customer see this exact product elsewhere, but they can’t find it in the store? That’s not a problem at ToyChamp. Customers can also easily place and pay an online order in one of the physical stores.

Kathleen: "That is also where PAY.'s service supports us at all times. We previously worked with a different Payment Service Provider, but we have decided to switch. PAY. facilitates secure online payments, offers a wide range of payment methods and they have easy connection possibilities. The last part was essential for ToyChamp's online webshop. We wanted to switch to Magento, but we were a bit unsure about the switch process. It was our web builder who was very pleased with the problem-free and easy contact with PAY. which is why we immediately put the switch in motion. Up to this day, we are very pleased with that decision."

The connection with PAY. was arranged in no time. We were also very happy with the quick and personal contact with the account manager during the transfer. PAY. is everything you are looking for in a Payment Service Provider. They play a key role in the world of online payments. In any case, we have one less thing to worry about; our online payments are safe and fast!

Extend the experience to online for (more) success

It is often said that E-tail shifts away the consumer’s interest in the physical retailer. This statement can be easily debunked; it all has to do with the way you deal with the latest e-commerce developments and techniques. Key in this is combining online and offline channels to offer (future) customers a tailor-made service. This is exactly what ToyChamp does: E-tail is primarily an addition to retail. ToyChamp’s physical store generates a large part of the turnover, but the online channel cannot be forgotten. In the webshop it is not only the product range that plays a role but, above all, the ease of the payment, also known as "the payment experience".

Kathleen nods: "Just as we want to meet the (payment) needs of our customers in the physical store, we also want to do so online. And that’s what we do with the help of PAY. PAY. facilitates secure online payments and gives our customers the choice of many different payment methods. We have payment methods for both our Dutch and Belgian customers. Via PAY. we offer various payment methods including iDEAL, Visa, AfterPay, PayPal and Bancontact."

With PAY. as Payment Service Provider we offer our customers the most complete online payment experience possible. PAY. is always ahead of the latest payment developments. PAY. is always happy to brainstorm with us to implement the latest online possibilities.

The largest toy webshop in the Benelux

With a total of 29 stores in Belgium and The Netherlands, ToyChamp continues to grow steadily. The toy chain has a lot more store openings planned in the coming years. For this reason, the retailer has invested millions in the organization and logistics for further expansion.


Toychamp logo aap


According to Kathleen, this is just the beginning: "We really want to build on exclusivity, experience and creativity. That's where ToyChamp excels from other toy stores. With such growth targets, there is still a lot of work. At ToyChamp we firmly believe that, together with PAY, we can become the largest toy webshop in the Benelux!"

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