Sitepack: all-in-one tool webshop solution including hosting and domain name management.

SitePack is the all-in-one tool webshop solution which also includes hosting and domain name management. SitePack is a new online platform that helps you in creating an online webshop, it’s quick and easy! The platform is a complete package, you will never have to worry about updates ever again. When using the free Pay. module, you can quickly and easily connect your SitePack webshop to your Pay. account. As of today, you can choose from various popular payment methods.

The webshop market is still developing at an unprecedented pace which is why SitePack constantly adds new functionalities to its platform and a large part of these functionalities is SEO. SitePack is the platform that monitors search engine advice to create even better SEO optimization.

Quality comes first: that is what we stand for. We aim to create the best possible matches and customer experiences in your webshop.

Premium support.

SitePack delivers quality and this also applies to their support department. During weekdays, customers can always contact support for platform related questions.

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Hosted all-in-one solution.

SitePack is a complete package: a monthly subscription fee includes hosting and domain name management. The SitePack platform provides all the security, technology and updates. This way your customers can enjoy visiting a stable and fast webshop.

Use the partner code below to receive a 25% discount code for the first three months whenever you create a new SitePack webshop:

An overview of the SitePack advantages:

Easy to use
SitePack listens to feedback as they aim to make the platform as accessible to their customers as possible. Contact SitePack if you have additional remarks or feedback in regards to the platform. They will get started with your feedback right away!

Fixed monthly fees & no start-up charges
SitePack customers never deal with unexpected costs. All customers have a fixed monthly fee and they can even pause the subscription on a monthly basis. On top of that, SitePack does not charge fixed start-up costs.

The Pay. link
Start processing payments in your webshop with the help of the free Pay. module in SitePack. Activate the most popular payment methods for your webshop in just a few clicks!

SEO-proof platform
SitePack's platform is continuously being improved and optimized in the field of SEO. This way your webshop is always easy to find in the most popular search engines.


Design en themes.

SitePack offers various themes, which determine your webshop’s branding and appearance. All themes are mobile responsive which means that your customers can also visit your webshop via their mobile device or tablet.

Bicycle integrations

If you have a bicycle shop and use CycleSoftware, you can also link your webshop directly to CycleSoftware. SitePack ensures fast product import, evaluates your current stock and suppliers and they also import all product images. With this integration, your online bicycle (web)shop is complete!

Access to 50+ national and international payment methods.

Why Pay. behind every payment?

Growing with your business means you need as much relevant data and insights as possible. You'll find those in the dashboard and the Pay. app.

Pay. offers your customers all the payment methods they expect - and more. This way, you develop a superior customer experience and the highest conversion rate.


The widest range of payment solutions

All the payment solutions you need for an optimal customer experience.


Plugins for easy integration

Quickly and easily create a link to your webshop with Pay.'s plugins.


Conversion increasing features

Don't miss any more payments with Pay.'s conversion-enhancing features.


The payment partner of thousands of companies

Personalised service and technical support so you are always in control.

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