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Send fully automated invoices and reminders with a payment method that always suits your customer: Payt debtor management software

Payt is the largest automated debtor management platform in The Netherlands. Payt wants to make the debtor management of your organization as personal, efficient and effective as possible. They do so by automating processes without losing sight of important personal contact between the customer and debtor. Payt proves that paying invoices can be done quickly and effectively.

Faster payments

Payt adds a payment option to every message that is send out to debtors. With the help of PAY. we can offer our customers and their debtors online payment options in several European countries. We offer Bancontact in Belgium, SOFORT Banking in Germany and iDEAL in The Netherlands. What makes this functionality so peculiar is that the payment is booked directly from the debtor to the supplier. You will have your money without delays and in an instant on your bank account. On top of that, the automatic reconciling of invoices makes this process even easier. This is also in comparison with other Payment Service Providers who combine all payments daily and transfer them through in one amount. This process is easy, quick and reduces the lengthy reconciliation work.

Better communication

Clear communication helps when you want to reach the largest group of defaulters and it consequently leads to actual payments. For example, one group has a risk of insolvency and would like to make an appointment. Another large group is presented by debtors who still have a question about the content/amount of the invoice. For all these groups, Payt has integrated all the necessary functions in the software. This type of clear communication ensures good agreements and leads to payment and satisfied customers!

Pre-payments for invoices

With our software, you can not only collect your invoices 30% faster but you can also pre-pay your outstanding invoices. We call this ‘factoring 2.0’ because you stay in control of your invoices and the relationship with your customer. Besides, it is you who decides the time of the payment. When you don't need to pre-pay invoices you can just simply book the amount back. And you can do so at a very low interest rate.

Connecting Payt with PAY.

When you walk through the sign up process of Payt, you automatically create an account with PAY. We will guide you through the entire process. We will then integrate your preferred and chosen payment options into your invoices and reminders. This way we make things easy for you.

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