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Everything for a successful webshop with endless possibilities: Mijnwebwinkel

Mijnwebwinkel is the largest provider of all-in-one webshop packages that allows you to start and set-up your webshop. The aim of Mijnwebwinkel is to provide online entrepreneurs with a successful webshop.

Mijnwebwinkel is growing steadily: more than 42.000 online retailers use the platform and together they are responsible for more than 1.5 million transactions per year. Mijnwebwinkel PREMIUM webshops can use PAY. as a payment system in their physical store with the help of the Kassa app and a PAY. PIN terminal. This way you enable your customers to pay contactless which is easy, safe and quick!


Mobile Point of Sale

The PAY. PIN terminal is connected to the Point-of-Sale system of Mijnwebwinkel which is the Kassa app. With the Mijnwebwinkel Kassa app, you always have an overview of your products, stock and orders no matter where you are. In your physical store, market stall or at an event: with the Kassa app your customers can pay anywhere.

Core values


Mijnwebwinkel also provides free of charge personal support.


Not everyone has the same computer skills. That’s why the system of Mijnwebwinkel is simple to use. With the help of customer feedback, Mijnwebwinkel continues to improve the system.


Mijnwebwinkel ensures that you can turn your dreams into success. To achieve online success fun is key, also for the people in your workplace. The motto is ‘‘Happy selling!’’.

We are more than happy to help you!

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