Gastrofix: powerful iPad POS system.

Gastrofix is a German company with over 20 years of experience with Point Of Sale systems (POS). The Cloud-based system responds to the needs of the modern catering industry. Gastrofix is a professional and powerful iPad cash register system and one of the few suppliers that offer a real-time back office: the Gastrofix Cloud.

The Gastrofix POS system uses both iPads and fixed POS systems (iPad minis or iPhones) as mobile hand terminals. This allows employees in the catering industry to work more efficiently and to significantly reduce order and payment time. The catering cash register system can be arranged according to your preferences and needs.

How it works.

With Gastrofix, using notebooks is in the past: to take your customer’s order you only need an iOS device (an iPod or iPad). After confirming the order, the receipt is printed directly via a wireless connection. This is both efficient and cost-effective as Gastrofix increases your turnover!

What to do when your customers want to split the bill or if they want to pay separately from each other? With Gastrofix that’s not a problem at all! Flexibility is the biggest trait of this cash register system. With a few clicks on the screen, every request can be customized and set separately. The Gastrofix system also anticipates on PIN payments. This allows transactions to be processed instantly without having to take an extra step towards the fixed cash register.

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Pay. Plugin for Gastrofix

Gastrofix in short.

  • Cloud-based
  • Free 24/7 support
  • Self-ordering tools
  • Bar automation: you can connect tap automation and coffee machines directly to Gastrofix
  • Customer loyalty and accounting module with an extensive CRM system for offering discount cards, voucher management, purchase history per customer profile etc.
  • Integration with hotel software
  • Manage data from restaurants in different locations with one account
  • Extensive reports and statistics of business activities available

With the flexible and multifunctional iPad POS system from Gastrofix, your company will increase turnover without a doubt!

The Gastrofix Cloud
The Gastrofix cash register software offers a cloud-based system that turns your iPad into a multifunctional and tailor-made cash register. With the Gastrofix Cloud, you have access to a clear dashboard that provides real-time insight into the most important company data. This can be done using more than 60 different reports and statistics.

Manage multiple branches and franchise companies
With Gastrofix, managing multiple branches or franchise companies becomes a lot easier. With just one login you can change products on all locations and at the same time. You can also view reports from a single location or a specific group of locations.

Customer retention opportunities
Get to know your customers and generate extra turnover. The customer module in Gastrofix has an integrated customer database, a voucher management system (various loyalty and discount programs), and QR-code recognition for customer cards or promotions. With Gastrofix, doing business becomes a lot easier!

Always personal
The Gastrofix support team is available 24/7. The support service is a part of all the packages which means no additional costs.

A seamless integration with Pay.

Did you know that payments via Pay. and the Gastrofix cash register is three times faster than a cash payment?

The Gastrofix cash register system seamlessly integrates with the in-store payments of Pay: the payments from the cash register are automatically transferred to the payment terminal. Is the payment of a transaction rejected? Then the cash register immediately recognizes this and the customer can pay in another way: that’s efficient and time-saving.

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