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Automatic Business software, from store purchase to sale: SW-Retail

SW-Retail is the cash register system for efficient payment processing that also allows you to efficiently manage purchasing, sales and stock. SW-Retail is perfect for selling your products online and offline. This cash register software is characterized by simplicity, flexibility and user-friendliness.

An overview of the advantages:

  • Your preffered PAY. solution can easily be integrated into the SW-Retail cash register system without any additional work
  • Selling your products online and offline in one system
  • Save time with the option to automatically refill stock in your webshop
  • All sales are linked to your customers which gives you an exact overview of your buyers and the products that they have purchased!
  • The cash register automatically processes all payment methods that you use via your PAY. PIN terminal

Start working efficiently and manage your sales from one point

You always have an up-to-date overview of all your online and offline sales. PAY.'s payment methods are fully integrated into the SW-Retail cash register system. It doesn’t matter if your customers pay with a debit card, a credit card or with cash: the SW-Retail cash register software processes the payment immediately. In addition, SW-Retail also enables you to have your complete turnover and stock data at hand – anywhere and anytime.

Choose the cash register system that suits your company

We can link all SW-Retail cash register systems to PAY. Whether you are a sole trader or a company with over 200 locations: SW-Retail always has a suitable solution for you!

You do not have to worry about the implementation of the SW-Retail cash register system with PAY: you can get started right away without any problems.

We are more than happy to help you!

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