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Alipay is the semi-wallet developed by tech giant Alibaba. Eighty percent of the Chinese population uses this payment method, along with WeChat, to make online or physical payments.

While standard wallets first require the user to deposit money into their wallet, a semi-wallet can transfer funds to other payment methods, such as a bank account number or credit card.


The Alipay App

Chinese end users can link their bank account or credit card to the Alipay App. Once an end user has completed a payment and the app has confirmed the transaction, the same amount is deducted from the user’s Alipay balance. Alipay transactions are included in your PAY. balance, just like with other payment methods.

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QR payments via online shop, cash system, face-to-face or print

Once you have activated Alipay, our payment option will generate a QR code that is shown on the payment screen of your cash register or online shop during the checkout process. All your customer has to do is scan the QR code to complete their transaction immediately.

Alipay is also the perfect payment method for merchants in places with a lot of tourism, such as events, theatres and theme parks, as well as high-end fashion retailers or souvenir shops.”

Alipay Barcode Payment

With Alipay Barcode Payments, customers can make physical payments in your store with their Alipay wallet. You start the Alipay transaction in your cash system, while your customer opens their Alipay App. The App shows a barcode that you scan with your cash system’s scanner to complete the transaction.

This payment method is quicker than paying with cash or a credit card. An added advantage for your customer is that they do not have to enter their six-digit code.

An overview of the advantages
  • The most used online payment provider in China with more than 900 million users
  • The best payment method for places where many Chinese tourists come
  • Facilitates fast and secure payments
  • Pay quickly and easily via a QR code

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