Pay Per Minute (PPM)

Pay variable amounts with your mobile phone

Pay Per Minute

As an user of the internet you have free access to photos, videos, articles and other content. In some cases, you have to pay for specific content in order to view and/or read it. This is where PAY. comes in. We have the payment method ‘Pay Per Minute’ also known as ‘access per minute’. This means that as long as the visitor of your website pays, he/she will have access to specific and requested content on your website. The access to this content is automatically closed when your customer stops the payment. With this technology, PAY. makes thousands of payments per minute every day!

How does it work?

To get access to specific content on your website, your customer only needs to call a paid telephone number. As long as the connection is active, access is granted to (protected) parts of your website. This payment method gives your customers clear insight in the costs they have made so far.


The option Pay Per Minute is available in all packages.


Additional costs are charged when using Pay Per Minute. The costs depend on the chosen service number.

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Pay Per Minute availability

xs Pioneer Available
xs Professional Available
xs Business Available
xs Corporate Available

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