Pay in twelve monthly instalments

SprayPay Spread Payment

With SprayPay, you can give your customers the option of paying in instalments using the latest technology. SprayPay has an AFM licence, which means consumers can pay orders from €250 up to €2,500 in monthly instalments. In other words, SprayPay lets consumers pay in twelve months, rather than the sixty-day term used by Capayable.

SprayPay pays the online shop owner after thirty days and then takes on the full credit risk.


The benefit of SprayPay:

Sometimes, an essential purchase comes at exactly the wrong time. SprayPay has developed a great solution: payment by instalment. Spreading out the payment over a number of instalments means that your customer can still purchase your product. This means that using SprayPay will result in increased revenue.

You can find more information about SprayPay on the website.


How it works:

Advantages for your online shop:

  • Significant increase in revenue/online shop available for a new audience.
  • The application and the digital signing are completed in mere minutes.
  • Guaranteed payment, thirty days after the sale of the product.
  • Easy integration via PAY.

Advantages for the consumer:

  • The consumer can purchase a more expensive or better product or make an urgent essential purchase.
  • The application process is fully automated.
  • The consumer does not have to submit any signed or hard copies of their documentation.
  • The consumer is notified right away if they are eligible for payment by instalment.
How to offer the ideal combination of Pay Later payment options:

Pay on invoice

payment obligation within 14 days

Instalment on credit

Payment obligation within 12 months

SprayPay availability

xs Pioneer Full service
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service

For more information, please contact us via sales@pay.nl or call 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.

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