Payment methods

Accept Postepay payments in your online store.

Your Italian customers can pay easily and safely with the Postepay debit card. This card can be purchased without a bank account, because it uses a balance. Every Postepay payment card is supported by Visa and can be used to make online purchases. In other words, this is an essential payment method for anyone who conducts business in Italy.

Online payments for your Italian customers.

The Postepay payment card was developed by a major Italian mail order company. As the popularity of e-commerce grew and there was as yet no easy payment method for Italian consumers, this organisation seized the opportunity, launching a national payment method that carries the same name as the company itself: Postepay.

Any Italian can purchase a Postepay payment card via the website or at a post office. This does not require a bank account. The user can deposit money to top up their card’s balance. The support from Visa makes this card ideal for online payments.


A web shop with Postepay.

To link Postepay and all other payment options to your online shop quickly, we offer a range of ready-for-use plug-ins. These plug-and-play solutions let you quickly add all payment methods to your online shop’s checkout page. You can add the Postepay payment method to your online shop through the Professional (S) package.

3D Secure payments with Postepay.

If Postepay card holders wish to make use of the additional 3D secure security check, they can sign up for a “MasterCard Secure Code” or “Verified by Visa.” After doing so, they will receive a password that they have to enter during the online payment process as an additional security measure. By entering their unique password, the card holder can prove their identity. This makes the Postepay payment method even more secure for both entrepreneurs and end users. 

An overview of the advantages.
  • The most popular online payment method in Italy
  • Suitable for all sectors
  • Direct connection via Pay, easy to set up
  • Can be linked to your website or online shop with just a few clicks
  • No need to sign any additional contracts

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