Reach your Danish customers with Dankort!


The most popular and most used debit card in the Danish consumer market is Dankort: more than 5.6 million consumers own this card.

In Denmark, more than 90% of all purchases are paid with a debit or credit card. This reason alone makes Dankort an indispensable payment option if you target the Danish online market. The payment method not only offers your customers the opportunity to pay in their own trusted and secure banking environment, but it also offers 3D secure transactions for optimal security against fraud.


An online webshop with Dankort

Dankort is a co-branded debit card issued by Visa. We offer various ready-made plugins to link Dankort to your webshop. With these ‘plug and play’ solutions, all payment methods are instantly added to the payment page of your webshop.

Safe with 3D secure technology

To ensure that both you as an entrepreneur and your Danish consumers can use Dankort safely, we process all transactions with an extra security check called 3D secure. This means that in addition to entering the card data, a security check is also performed.

An overview of the advantages
  • An international debit card issued by Visa
  • The most commonly used debit card in Denmark
  • Online consumers pay via their trusted banking environment
  • 3D secure transactions for optimal security and anti-fraud

lease contact us via sales@pay.nl or call 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.

Dankort availability

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Full Service
xs Business Full Service
xs Corporate Full Service


The payment option Dankort is available in Denmark.
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