Bank Transfer

Receive bank transfers from 34 different countries

Bank transfer

The name of this payment method says it all: your customers can make their payment using the bank transfer method. If customers choose this payment method, they receive the payment details directly on screen or by email. Once the order has been paid for, we will notify you immediately so you can proceed with the delivery. Thanks to the introduction of SEPA and IBAN, it is now possible to receive payments from all over the world with this method.

Bank transfer checkout page

Betaalmethode Bankoverboeking

How does it work?

When your customer chooses the bank transfer payment method, we will immediately and automatically direct them to our payment screen. It contains all the information they need for the payment of their order. If your customer wishes to make the payment at a later date, they can enter their email address. We will then automatically send them an email that contains information about their order and the payment details they need in order to make the payment. The language of the email is tailored to the language the customer selects on the payment screen.

European transfer

Following the introduction of the SEPA standard, the term “European transfer” was launched. This is also known as a SEPA transfer or Euro payment. With a European transfer, money can be transferred between Euro accounts throughout Europe. This is made possible by the introduction of a uniform bank account number, the IBAN.

The advantage for merchants is that this lets you receive payments from 34 different SEPA countries quickly and at a very low cost.

Bank transfer for your web shop

The PAY. Administration Panel gives you access to various standard plug-ins and useful guidelines for the installation of our payment solutions. The bank transfer payment method is part of all our standard plug-ins, which makes the installation process both quick and easy. In our Panel, you can select which of our payment options you want to offer to your customers.

Immediate notification after payment

When you integrate the bank transfer method into your online shop via PAY., you will be notified of the status of a payment immediately. In the Administration Panel, you can opt to be notified whenever a transaction is successfully completed. Once your customer has transferred the amount (using the correct reference), the status of the payment is automatically updated and you are notified.

With payments via bank transfer, it is important that your customer enters the correct payment details. For example, if the payment reference is incorrect or incomplete, this may delay the whole process. Of course, we will inform your customer of this as well. We are also available to assist if necessary.

What if a customer transfers an incorrect amount?

If a customer transfers more or less than the cost of the transaction found based on the accept code, we are unable to link this order. This is to avoid your order system automatically starting the shipping process without your approval.

Instead, we will add this payment to your statistics separately and process it outside the rest of your system. You will not receive an exchange, but we will notify you via email. You can then decide whether to generate an additional transaction to allow the customer to pay for the rest of the order or refund part of the amount if the customer paid too much.

Tip: “A payment from abroad may be subject to additional premiums from the customer’s own bank. This usually means that the customer has indeed transferred the correct amount, but their bank has deducted €5 for example, to cover its own costs.”

How long will a bank transfer take?

On average, it takes around 1-3 days for us to process a bank transfer payment. If a payment cannot be found, it can take another three days for us to investigate the situation and match the payment if possible.

A payment from outside the EU may take longer. We recommend that you allow five days for the processing of payments from outside the SEPA region.

What if a payment cannot be found?

If we cannot match a payment, the end user does not contact us and we cannot reach them either, we will refund the payment to the original bank account. If that fails too, the payment will be placed in quarantine until the consumer contacts us.

An overview of the advantages
  • Consumer pays through their own familiar banking environment
  • Once the payment is successful, it is 100% guaranteed
  • Refunds issued at the press of a button
  • Available in all SEPA countries
  • Available for both professional and private customers
  • PAY. will notify you once a payment has been received
  • Affordable transaction rates

Transfer availability

xs Pioneer Full service
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


EU countries supplemented with Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Monaco
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