Payment methods

Accept SEPA Transfer in your online store.

As a customer of Pay. you have the option to offer the payment method SEPA in your webshop. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a collaboration between the European Union and banks which makes payment transactions in Europe easier. With a SEPA transfer, your customer can make a payment via bank transfer. This is made possible by the introduction of a uniform bank account number, the IBAN number.

How does it work?

When your customer opts to pay with SEPA transfer in your webshop, he will be redirected to the payment screen of Pay. This payment screen contains all the information needed to pay for the purchase directly via, for example, iDEAL. Your customer can also choose to make the payment at a later time. In that case, Pay. sends an automatic e-mail with information, including the payment reference, to make the payment.


SEPA for your webshop.

At Pay. the SEPA transfer (or bank transfer) is incorporated into every standard plugin so that you can arrange the installation easily and quickly. When you integrate this payment method, you will be informed about the status of a payment immediately. As soon as your customer has transferred the amount with the correct payment reference, the status will be automatically updated.

What if the customer transfers an incorrect amount?

Pay. is unable to link the order to a payment if your customer transfers more or less than the actual transaction. We add the SEPA payment separately to your statistics and treat this payment differently from the rest of your payments in the system. You will not receive an exchange, but you will receive a notification email. You decide whether you want to create an extra transaction or whether you want to receive a refund for a higher order amount.

Important: A payment from abroad may be charged with additional costs by your customer's bank, to cover your own costs.

How long does a transfer take?

It takes 1 to 3 business days for a SEPA transfer to be processed. When a payment is not found, it can take 3 business days longer. A payment outside the EU takes a maximum of 5 business days. When paying via a SEPA bank transfer, it is always important that your customer writes down the correct payment reference. If this is not the case, the actual payment may also be delayed.

What if a payment is not found at all?

If we cannot match the payment, the end user does not contact us and we cannot reach him either, the payment will be refunded to the account of origin. If this action also fails, the payment will be quarantined until the consumer contacts us.

The advantages of a SEPA transfer.
  • Receive payments from 34 European countries
  • Trusted through your own banking environment
  • Once passed, a payment is 100% guaranteed
  • Refund with just one click
  • Both for business and private customers
  • Advantageous rates



EU countries supplemented with Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Monaco.

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