Tech giant Google has launched its own payment solution with Google Pay. With the app and an Android smartphone, your customers can instantly make online and offline purchases.



Pay faster and more securely

With Google Pay, Google offers its users a fast and secure payment experience, both online and offline. From now on, your customers do not need to insert their debit card into the PIN terminal. They can pay with their Android smartphone, quick and easy!

Pay in apps

With the help of Google Pay, your customers can also pay for purchases in hundreds of apps without having to enter their payment details. They can have food delivered at home, make a hotel reservation or arrange a taxi with just one tap on the button!

Always safe with Google

Google Pay is an extremely safe payment method that always protects the payment details of the customer. The app does so by generating a virtual card number: the card details do not appear on the smartphone. With Google Pay as a payment method you are assured that your customer’s account always remains safe. In addition, your customers can manage their account whenever they need on the web or via the app.

How does a Google Pay payment work?

With Google Pay, you can easily make contactless payments or arrange purchases in apps or online. Before your customers can make purchases via Google Pay, they need to add one or more payment methods. The following payment methods are accepted by Google Pay in The Netherlands: debit card (Maestro), credit card (American Express, Mastercard and Visa) and PayPal. Based on these payment methods, PAY. processes the payment(s) on the specific card.

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Settle online transactions
with Google Pay

Pay with Google Pay
at a pin terminal

Google Pay uses physical authentication methods for payments over 25 euros. Payments are always secured with a passcode or fingerprint ID. When your customer makes a payment, Google Pay does not send the credit or debit card number with the payment. Instead, the app generates a virtual account number that represents the user's account information. This service keeps your customer’s payment details private and sends a one-time security code instead of the card or user details. This procedure is entirely based on the latest Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) standards. After this process, PAY. receives and processes the data in a secure manner.


Activate Google Pay in your webshop

When you activate Google Pay, the payment option of Google Pay will appear in your checkout. On the Google Pay payment screen, we process a payment if a valid card is linked. If your customer has not linked a valid card to their Google Pay account, it still can be added or another payment option can be chosen. We show Google Pay on the credit card and Maestro payment screens if Google Pay is installed and if a valid card has been found.

Do you have a PAY. terminal?

If you have a PAY. terminal in your physical store, then there is nothing else you need to do. Now, your customers can pay with Google Pay via their Android smartphone or Google smartwatch. This can only be done when the specific bank of your customer supports this payment option.

An overview of the advantages
  • One app to pay in stores and webshops
  • Pay quickly and easily
  • High popularity: more transactions and users
  • Meets the latest SCA standards

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Google Pay availability

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Full Service
xs Business Full Service
xs Corporate Full Service

Do you want to know more about Google Pay?

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