Pay Fixed Price (PFP)

Pay a fixed amount with your mobile phone

Pay Fixed Price

Give your customers the option to use PAY.’s payment option Pay Fixed Price (PFP). With PFP you give your customers the chance to pay for their purchases in your online webshop with a fixed amount. After the payment, the connection is automatically disconnected. The payment method Pay Fixed Price is ideal to use when paying for purchases up to € 10,-. However, higher amounts are also possible.

Betaalmethode Pay Fixed Price

How does it work?

The user calls a paid service number and enters the code, that is shown on the website, on his/her mobile phone. The screen then shows what percentage of the amount has been paid for. As soon as the total amount has been reached, the connection is automatically disconnected. An advantage of this payment method is that higher amounts per call can also be charged.

Activate Pay Fixed Price

To be able to offer Pay Fixed Price to your customers, you must first select the payment method in your PAY. Admin Panel. After selecting the payment method, you can view Pay Fixed Price in the PAY. plugins and APIs.

Netto payout

A big advantage for you as a merchant is that the costs of this payment method are entirely for the (account of) the user. The total costs also depend on the country of the user as well as the telephone line that is used. The end user pays a surcharge per minute.

An example

You sell a product for € 10,-. Your Dutch customer calls a paid service number with a fixed charge of € 1,- per minute. The costs for this payment method are 10%. To pay for this amount, the user must remain on the line for 11 minutes, which means that he/she pays € 11,-. The netto payout is € 10,-.

An overview of the advantages
  • An accessible and discreet payment method
  • Perfect for both micro payments and larger payments
  • Can be used directly in your online webshop
  • Netto payout
  • Easy to integrate with our webshop plugins
Pay Fixed Price transactions

The transactions vary by country. The payment method Pay Fixed Price is only available in The Netherlands.

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