The strength of Przelewy24 and PAY. combined

The strength of Przelewy24 and PAY. combined
Date: Februari 22nd, 2021

It’s no secret that we live in a world where global e-commerce is thriving. We’re backing away from cash and indulging in a more cashless society where digital-driven payments play a key role. Thanks to the adoption of smartphones, in-app payments and mobile browser payments digital e-commerce and payments are booming. The rapid growth of digital payments and the use of these payment solutions is best seen in the diverse Polish fintech market.


Smartphones are the future

The mobile segment is the fastest-growing part of the e-commerce market. A large part of the Polish consumer market uses mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the internet and over 72% use these devices for online shopping. This means that the trick for merchants to obtain more online conversion lies in allowing Polish consumers to pay where, when and how they want. The best way to do so is allowing them to pay via secure online payment methods. Przelewy24 is one of the most popular payment operators in Poland that facilitate such secure and fast payments.

The #1 payment method in Poland

Przelewy24 is based on contactless bank transactions. The payment operator facilitates the transfer of funds for payments between consumers and merchants. The Przelewy24 service has partnered with over 350 Polish banks while the payment method also offers different types of payment methods including credit card payments, mobile payments and e-wallets.

The Polish e-commerce market is a market with a lot of potential and possibilities for e-commerce. With a population of 38,4 million and an online user penetration rate of 84,9%, Poland has obtained the number 5 position in the top 10 internet countries in Europe. That is also why the majority of the Polish consumers use the popular Przelewy24 as a payment method. Przelewy24 enables users to pay in an extremely secure and fast way. State-of-the-art security standards ensure data protection in real-time.

P24: familiar & guaranteed

Making payments through Przelewy24 is very familiar to consumers. And with the continuous rise of smartphones, they can pay with Przelewy24 wherever they want: online or via physical locations. On top of that, the payment process is safe and payments are made through the consumer's own preferred banking environment. The trusted and familiar aspect of Przelewy24 is strengthened even more due to the fact that consumers don’t need to provide additional personal information as they can also pay for their online purchases with their trusted currency which is the Polish złoty (PLN).

Receiving payments through Przelewy24 is equally safe and trusted for merchants. The payment method guarantees the payment of funds without the risk of chargebacks. This means that payments are confirmed immediately and cannot be reversed by the customer. By offering Przelewy24, merchants can increase customer satisfaction and conversion in their webshop when targeting the Polish consumer market.

Receive Przelewy24 payments via PAY.

Payment Service Providers play a crucial role in the global financial chain and connect merchants to a broader financial service system. That's exactly how PAY. connects (web)shops, consumers, card networks and financial institutions. In addition, PAY. also offers a payment system that enables fast and secure online and offline payments.

PAY. ensures that payments are processed safely every day. In addition to facilitating payments, Przelewy24 is also part of PAY.’s payment method offering. As PAY. merchant you can easily add Przelewy24 to your webshop. You can do this via the PAY. Admin Panel. When you navigate to the Admin Panel, you can simply turn the payment method on and start receiving Przelewy24 payments via your webshop. All it takes is just one click. And that’s PAY: we make payments easy.


Receiving Przelewy24 payments via PAY. means:

  • Offering a locally trusted and popular payment method
  • Instant conversion optimalisation
  • Payments are processed by a secure payment system
  • Favourable Przelewy24 rates per transaction
  • Refunding a payment with just one click
  • Direct insight into your payments

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