In the spotlight: The Alliance Partnership between PAY. & Tommy Booking Support

In the spotlight: The Alliance Partnership between PAY. & Tommy Booking Support

At PAY. we love fruitful partnerships. That also applies to more complex collaborations with carefully selected partners also known as our Alliance Partnership.

An example of an Alliance Partnership is the partnership we have with Tommy Booking Support, an online reservation system for the recreation industry.


Powerful: the Alliance Partnership

PAY. likes to work with partners from different sectors to make payments as easy and natural as possible. Thanks to the uniform API and the features of PAY. this technique can be used by a very wide number of partners. From ticketing to invoicing and from food ordering systems to reservation platforms.

We are proud of our Alliance Partnership with Tommy Booking Support. Tommy Booking Support is known for its optimized and user-friendly booking system. The company has more than 700 customers in the Benelux, which largely consists of campsites and bungalow parks.

Best of both companies

This alliance combines the best of both worlds. The systems of PAY. are efficiently and professionally connected with the Tommy Booking Support system.

Thanks to this collaboration, customers of numerous campsites and bungalow parks can book their booking(s) directly and pay online or offline. This means that the reservations no longer have to be handled manually; it is now done automatically. This also applies to the handling of down payments and bookings that are paid in installments.

To see the strength of this collaboration, PAY. visited Camping de Lievelinge together with Tommy Booking Support to ask customers and staff how they experience the cooperation between the two parties. Esther Schipper of Camping de Lievelinge: "The integration of Tommy Booking Support and PAY. saves an awful lot of hours. At the moment we have about less than a quarter of staff per day because everything is now being booked automatically."

Facilitating payments via PAY. has now gotten so much easier. Customers can pay via iDEAL and will receive a link that is booked in less than 3 seconds. The debit card payments on site also run via PAY. As a result, all payments come together in one transaction overview, so that you can close much faster at the end of the day.


Experience with the Alliance Partnership

Thanks to the collaboration between Tommy Booking Support and PAY. Camping de Lievelinge can offer their guests quicker service. All incoming bookings are managed by Tommy while the technology and the payment process are facilitated by PAY. Herbert van der Born from Tommy Booking Support: "One of the biggest advantages of working with PAY. is reliability. In all these years we have never had any problems with payments. That really gave us a peace of mind."

Why would you form an alliance with PAY?

With the Alliance Partnership, your customers have direct access to a wide range of payment solutions and PAY. features under one agreement. As an Alliance Partner you only have to make a technical integration with our platform once. After that, all your customers can use the link in an uniform way. The invoicing runs completely through the Alliance Partner which means that your customers have one point of contact and do not have to go to all involved providers. All PAY. information can be integrated into your own back office or platform via API links, so that customers don't really need anything else anymore. It's that simple.

The possibilities of the PAY. Alliance Partnership are endless. The PAY. Alliance Partnership package offers a wide variety of options, including easy integration, cost savings on Compliance & Risk management and adding all affiliated PAY. payment options without licensing fees. Read more about the possibilities of the PAY. Alliance Partnership package here.

And that’s also working with PAY. -
easy and simple, everything goes naturally.


For more information, contact us at or by telephone on 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.
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