Customer case: FixjeiPhone | iDEAL, Bancontact, credit cards and AfterPay as their main mix

FixjeiPhone uses iDEAL, Bancontact, credit cards and AfterPay as their main mix of payment methods

"Repair your iPhone yourself, it’s cheap and easy!" is FixjeiPhone's motto. The company started its activities in 2013 from a log cabin and continued to do so until 2016 in order to maximize growth and expansion. This way of entrepreneurship turned out to be a success formula: FixjeiPhone products are widely offered in Europe.

Besides supplying iPhone, iPad, Macbook and iMac parts, FixjeiPhone also makes how-to videos for their customers. If a customer is unable to repair an Apple device themselves, they can send it to the FixjeiPhone repair service.


Excellent online findability, combined with easy how to's

FixjeiPhone knows how to respond strategically to consumer needs for electronic equipment by offering high-quality service at a competitive price. "Customers can easily repair their Apple device themselves with our repair manuals. In addition, our repair specialists are available seven days a week if customers encounter problems" says Sander Slaghekke, Digital Marketing Manager at FixjeiPhone.

PAY. is a very loyal payment partner who arranges everything related to online payment traffic which really unburdens us. We can fully focus on conducting online business again."

Smooth transition, live within minutes

Online failures are common and are unfavorable for merchants. Especially if payment methods are partially or completely offline and customers are unable to complete their order. As a result, you get low to minimum conversion. Sander: "With PAY. we have only been offline once in three years! With our previous payment partner we had trouble with the payments methods which cost us a lot of money. That’s why we switched to PAY."

"The switch went very smoothly. We were live within minutes and we are very happy with that. Switching to PAY. was a big relief. This allowed us to fully focus on the website and that is exactly as it should be" says Sander.


PAY. meets FixjeiPhone (customer) needs

In addition to a pleasant switch and a low downtime percentage, offering various payment methods is of great importance to merchants. The preference for payment methods differs per webshop. Sander: "We are a full-focus online webshop. With more than 17,000 transactions per month, it is important that you have a reliable payment partner. We also want to keep our customers satisfied by responding to customer needs. PAY. is flexible and offers various payment methods. The most important mix of payment methods for us include iDEAL, Bancontact, credit cards and AfterPay" says Sander.

Entering new markets

In addition to providing quality, good customer service and competitive prices, FixjeiPhone wants to further expand the scope of its products and services in order to be able to serve an even broader customer group. Sander: "We are busy with our future vision to enter the market of refurbished iPhones."


For more information, contact us at or by telephone on 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.
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