Customer case Ciao Bambino | Growing at a rapid pace

PAY. unburdens Ciao Bambino behind the scenes while the fast-growing luxury baby store can fully focus on doing online business

Ciao Bambino's adventure started in September 2017. Belgian entrepreneur couple Daisy Blavier and Rodrique Tournel dreamed of working as independent entrepreneurs and they succeeded. Due to their entrepreneurial drive and proactive attitude Ciao Bambino was born.


Ciao Bambino is a baby specialty store. Parents of newborns can find stylish and high-quality baby accessories in the one-stop-shop boutique-style store: from toys to prams and baby clothes. In addition to the existing online services that help with the compilation of birth lists, Ciao Bambino has also opened an online webshop on April 20th, 2020. In the webshop, customers can find various baby clothes and accessories.


Ciao Bambino: a critical eye for quality

Ciao Bambino is an online and physical shop in one. By setting up the e-commerce company, Daisy and Rodrique saw a great opportunity to meet the needs of a specific niche market: parents who are at the peak of their lives with the birth of their newborn baby. Ciao Bambino has taken this opportunity with both hands and they turned their idea into a successful concept.

"That’s also because customer friendliness, service and quality are our main focus," says Rodrique, Managing Director at Ciao Bambino. "We are critical salespeople who set the bar extremely high. The idea behind the purchase and sale of our products is that we are also supposed to be satisfied with the quality. Together with our online and offline service orientation, our customers are more than happy to choose Ciao Bambino."

Starting and growing at a rapid pace

As a starting e-commerce company you don’t ‘just’ start an online webshop. It takes a lot of time, money and effort. In addition and due to the increasing number of online consumers solely focusing on a physical store is no longer an option.

Despite this fact, start-ups are still cautious. Just like a physical store, a newly set up webshop has a long run-up period before it becomes a success. "That's where things turned out to be a little bit different for us," laughs Rodrique. "Daisy and I found a suitable retail property within three months. Before we could even blink, we officially opened a physical store in Sint-Truiden. And after the opening our sales exploded! And now, with the current coronavirus situation, we have noticed that online sales are more important than ever. We have to fully focus on that."

PAY. unburdens Ciao Bambino behind the scenes

A Payment Service Provider is a payment service that not only provides online merchants with the facilitation of secure online and offline payments. Nowadays payment partners add additional services to their offering and so does PAY. Examples of PAY. features are linking multiple bank accounts or by giving the option to set payout frequencies. All of this can be done with just one platform. Rodrique: "PAY. facilitates online payments and unburdens us behind the scenes. We really appreciate that! Because of PAY. we can fully focus on the front of our online webshop. All payments go smoothly, which means that we also have less work in the back office. We also enjoy using the PAY. app where we can quickly follow up our sales, even when we are away from the PC. In the future we are also thinking about using the custom payment links, so we can invest ‘left over’ time in our business again."


For Ciao Bambino, this development was also the moment when the shortcoming of the back-end platform of their previous payment partner came to their attention. In e-commerce, companies initially focus on the front ("front-end") of their online sales channel. The goal is to make the front-end shopping and payment experience as pleasant and smooth as possible for customers. The back-end processes however must work as well and should certainly not be forgotten.

"I completely agree," says Rodrique. "That's why the usability of PAY.’s back-end platform is on another level. The dashboard shows all important payment information such as the latest online payments and clearings as well as a turnover overview of the latest transactions. The platform even provides insight into the most commonly used payment methods per country. This allows us to see that the main mix of payment methods for our Belgian customers are Bancontact, VISA, Mastercard and Payconiq. This is a very useful functionality as we are expanding our business to other countries."

And the (online) shopping continues

Despite the relaxed restrictions that have been active in many countries since May 11th, the coronavirus still has the world in its grip. These strict measures have also been taken in Belgium and can, up to this day, be felt in all sectors.

When asked whether Ciao Bambino has noticed anything in regards to the coronavirus, they answer with a resounding "yes". Rodrique: "In the beginning we even decided to close the physical store because we did not feel that it was responsible to stay open. We have noticed that many baby products are purchased online because customers have no other "physical" alternative to do their shopping. In that sense, we can say that corona has boosted the recent launch of our online webshop. Cooperating with a Payment Service Provider like PAY. has most certainly contributed to that as well."

Since our switch to PAY. the personal contact has always been top-notch. Calling, e-mailing or chatting; everything is possible and PAY. is always available. This was also the case when we first linked our platform with PAY. The connection went smoothly and was arranged within minutes. That’s also one less thing to worry about. It really can and should be that simple!"

Focusing on the French-speaking consumer market

With the growth spurt that Ciao Bambino has made over the past three years, new goals and opportunities are in sight. The luxury baby specialty store is currently looking at opportunities to open multiple physical stores in other locations. It’s nice that PAY. can also facilitate these payments as it is an omnichannel payment processor. This means that in-store payments can also be facilitated via PAY.

In addition, Ciao Bambino is also looking for ways to further optimize the online webshop. Rodrique: "We have noticed that French-speaking areas in Belgium are showing interest in Ciao Bambino. That’s why we recently started doing our social media in French. This has resulted in other objectives such as specific targeting of the French-speaking market in Belgium. One thing is certain: Ciao Bambino is all set and ready with a leading Payment Service Provider like PAY."


For more information, contact us at or by telephone on 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.
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