Customer Case: Betersport | A to Z support in the customer journey

PAY. contributes to the future vision of Betersport to become the leading provider of sports equipment in the Benelux


The success of Betersport started in 2005. Owner Yves Stout put his treadmill for sale on Marktplaats. He soon noticed the growing demand for home equipment. With his idea he quickly took action and so he set up Betersport, one of the first online webshops in The Netherlands.

Now, 15 years later, Betersport has grown into a company with a team of more than 25 employees, including movement experts, product specialists and professionals in logistics, sales and marketing. In addition, Betersport has expanded its online sales to Belgium ( and in 2018 to France (


From A to Z: support in the customer journey

In recent years Betersport has worked hard to become the most well-known fitness store for sports equipment. This success is partly due to Betersport’s extensive and diverse (online) services. Bob Rongen, financial employee at Betersport: "Our sales are almost entirely online, but we also have a physical showroom in Panningen."

In addition to the wide range of fitness equipment, Betersport sells their own brand products under the name Focus Fitness, FitBike and Senz Sports. The products are developed in-house by Betersport employees where quality, a beautiful design, excellent specifications and a good price play a key role. Betersport develops, imports and continuously improves their product which is why the e-commerce company offers quality products at competitive prices.

"And that's not all," says Bob. "Our support goes even further. We support the customer at all times: before, during and after the sale. We do this by writing relevant blog articles that can help customers with the purchase of fitness equipment. After the purchase, we are also ready for our customers. We offer various exercise schedules online for training goals and we also offer the possibility to request a personal training schedule that suits your own training goals and current physical condition."

Long-term partnerships encourage growth

Cooperation, everyone benefits from it. It not only stimulates brand awareness and growth, but also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to fully focus on their own products and / or services. Bob: "That is why we at Betersport believes that partnerships are key for growth. Especially when they are long-term."

The e-commerce company has been working with the same transporters and suppliers for years. This principle also applies to the party that facilitated online payments. Bob: "Before we started working with PAY. our payments were facilitated by another Payment Service Provider for a long period of time. Despite the fact that we were satisfied with this party, we still switched to PAY. because we really appreciated the pleasant and transparent contact with the account manager and the competitive transaction rates. After a short test period, we also chose to transfer the entire range of payment methods to PAY. Up to this day, we are still very satisfied with this decision."

The link between PAY. and our webshop is running well; trades never get stuck and the delay is minimal. We had to push a payment every now and then with our previous Payment Service Provider but that is not the case anymore. We are also very excited about our upcoming switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2. We are confident that the connection with the systems of PAY. will work perfectly and smoothly"

PAY: easy (customer) contact, accessible technology and diverse payment methods

E-commerce is a competitive world; as an online webshop you have to stand out with your product offering. Thanks to their unique proposition, Betersport continues to pursue their dream to become the leading provider of sports equipment in the Benelux.


A progressive e-commerce company like Betersport requires a Payment Service Provider that shares the same mindset and also contributes to further growth. "And that's PAY: from the start we have only experienced benefits," says Bob. "PAY. is transparent and is always there to help us with challenges: whether it concerns administrative, technical or operational topics. Another plus is the accessible PAY. dashboard. The management, the financial department and other Betersport colleagues make use of it, anyone can do so. This ensures that we can switch quickly and easily when it comes to transactions, a refund or a customer question. In addition, the dashboard also provides insight into the most commonly used payment methods per country. As a result, we know that our customers currently prefer to use iDEAL (40.3%), Bancontact (17.2%), Visa / Mastercard (16.5%) and AfterPay and in3 (21.3%) to pay in the Betersport webshop."

Expect from facilitating online payments, a Payment Service Provider such as PAY. also focuses on offering payment methods. Bob nods: "Most definitely, that's why we highly recommend PAY! PAY. offers a wide range of payment methods that can be quickly linked to the online webshop. The diversity of payment methods is extremely useful for Betersport as the company has a market in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. Because of this, we were allowed to add different payment methods to our French webshop in no time!"


Betersport is confident about the future

To become the number one supplier of sports equipment in the Benelux, Betersport is steadily working on their future vision. The e-commerce company is working on a new website and will switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2 very soon.

With changes to the design, Betersport can organize the online webshop in a way that meets the desired functionalities and trends. "And in addition to these changes, we will continue to develop," adds Bob. "We do so by launching new products and product categories, but also by creating an even better online customer and payment experience. PAY. continuously challenges and inspires us to experiment with the latest payment methods. And that’s why we are confident about the future of Betersport."

Due to the increasing growth, Betersport has the opportunity to create economies of scale at both their product and services suppliers, which in most cases is directly passed on to economies of scale and to their customers. This method ensures that the prices of Betersport articles, as the organization grows, become sharper by the day. This method has been used in recent years, but will also continue to be used in the coming years when adding new product categories.


For more information, contact us at or by telephone on 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.

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