Multiple bank accounts

Link multiple bank accounts to your PAY. account

Link multiple bank accounts to your PAY. account

When using our services, you have the option of linking multiple companies with multiple bank accounts to your administration(s). For example, the bank account numbers of different administrations, branches or operating companies can be added with the help of one single PAY. connection. This way your cashflow can be adjusted exactly as you wish and desire.


How does it work?

You can pay out your credits to different bank accounts. Via our Admin Panel, you can add an account for every website where you offer our payment solutions. After verification, you can select an account number per website or webshop where the income will be paid out. You can find examples of linking multiple bank accounts here.

Keep your cashflows transparent

A separate invoice is generated for each payout. This means that you can enter the income per website in your administration quicker and easier.

Connection to a holding company/parent company

It is possible to obtain a connection to the holding company. You need to purchase the Business package once. This way you can avoid paying additional package and compliance costs several times.

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  • The advantage of having several companies is that this construction allows you to make reports based on your total turnover without having to switch.
  • You can add a sales group and/or sales locations per subsidiary so that you can split your reports and financial cashflows.
  • A disadvantage compared to having several companies is that you can’t give your users limited insight into a part of the turnover. A user with all rights sees the full turnover of the holding company.
  • We carry out split invoicing. However, if the holding company is not a fiscal entity with operating companies, this will result in more administration (i.e. internal VAT transfer(s)).

Please let us advice you which option suits your company situation best.


Adding multiple bank account numbers is possible starting from the Business package.


Adding extra bank account numbers is free of charge.

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