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The Alliance Partnership - a business case

At PAY., we love fruitful collaboration – not just with the individual entrepreneurs we support in the optimisation of their payment streams, but also in the form of more complex cooperative alliances with carefully selected partners.

One example of such an Alliance Partnership is our cooperation with Shoptrader, a hosted online shop system that allows entrepreneurs to easily set up their own online shop. With just a few clicks, online shop owners can add products to their online catalogue and start selling them right away. Finalising the order process requires an important technological solution. Because Shoptrader has already implemented this payment technology, online shop owners can begin receiving payments in mere minutes.


Alliance Sub-merchant Information

Laws and regulations

Not everyone is allowed to offer payment options. A payment organisation has to comply with a wide range of regulations and will regularly be inspected by external auditors. If everything is in order, the supervisory body (De Nederlandsche Bank) will issue a licence. PAY. acquired this licence in 2013. Furthermore, PAY. is level 1 PCI-DSS compliant, which means that PAY. meets all applicable security standards pertaining to credit card payments. 

Playing to your strengths

When you know what your strengths are, you can do what you do best. The Alliance partner takes matters out of the hands of our joint client throughout the entire process from initial design to final payment. PAY. assesses whether the business (Merchant) complies with applicable laws and regulations, quickly links all payment options to the online shop and effectively streamlines the payment process. The entrepreneur can then focus on their marketing and service provision.


Clear and easy billing process.

Through their affiliation with PAY., the entrepreneur will receive an account to which their payments are sent. Their balance is paid out to their bank account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is possible to download a detailed PDF, CSV or MT940 file for administrative purposes.

The costs of using the PAY. system and those of the Alliance partner’s services are both billed by the Alliance partner. The invoice will be sent to the entrepreneur via email. It is possible to automatically deduct the amount due from the entrepreneur's balance, which eliminates the need to make a separate payment.


With a single contract, the entrepreneur gains instant access to a wide range of payment solutions and they can utilise all PAY. features. The Alliance partner only has to set up the technical integration with our platform once. They can then set up their own pricing structure. The entrepreneur’s balance can be used for the payment of billed subscription and transaction fees. Meanwhile, PAY. facilitates a streamlined payment process and focuses on the implementation of new payment options and the development of innovative solutions.

Which parties are potential Alliance partners?

  • Online shop developers that offer a hosted solution (SaaS solution) to many clients.
  • Donation websites that receive payments for many different charities.
  • Product comparison websites (or APPs) that receive payments for many providers.
  • Franchise chains that receive payments for various franchisees.
  • Take-out websites affiliated with various restaurants.
  • Ticketing parties affiliated with various event organisers.
  • Booking systems in the broadest sense of the word.

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