Customer case: Droginet

Customer case: Droginet

What once started as an online start-up in a shed in Blijham has grown into Droginet: a mailing house for online drugstores with a turnover of millions. The shipping company supplies more than 60,000 A-brand drugstore products to (online) drugstores. Droginet has been around for more than 10 years and also owns a webshop called The webshop is responsible for almost 60% of the turnover.



Droginet opts for a personal approach

Droginet was founded in 2009 by the successful entrepreneurial couple Brenda Warmels and Jos Mekkering. Both have been part of the management team for years and are involved in the ins and outs of the company. In 2015, the duo appointed Regina Koning as Marketing and Sales Director. In the years that followed, Johan Alting (controller) and Barbara van Zuidam (HR Manager) also joined the team.

With the enormous growth in e-commerce, online retailers are constantly experiencing increasing competition. The golden rule still suffices: distinguish your online company, show what makes you unique and create short lines with your customers. And that is exactly how PAY. works: account manager have personal contact with Droginet's management team and they align all business departments, including IT, customer service and finance.


We are satisfied on all fronts, an account manager who thinks along is a success factor for a strong and close cooperation between different parties.

This how PAY. strengthens various departments:

  • The ICT department: PAY. provides extensive support in the integration process and contributes to technical optimizations;
  • Customer service: "Good exposure of orders within PAY. for customer questions about transactions. Support helps quickly and effectively" says Barbara Goote, Head of Customer Service at Droginet;
  • Finance: "PAY. ensures that the accounting system is balanced, provides maximum financial insight and clear invoicing" says Johan Alting at Droginet;
  • Management: "We can view extensive reports and management information via the PAY. app" says Brenda Warmels - Director at Droginet.

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Personal visibility also plays a key role at Droginet. Jos Mekkering - CEO at Droginet: "Personal visibility is our number one priority and that is where we distinguish ourselves. Consumers usually don’t know the faces behind a company. We level with our customers because Brenda and Regina are "the face behind" KoopjesDrogisterij. This shows that we hear and understand the target group which creates a bond and inspires confidence."


Growth requires strong and airtight (payment) systems

Droginet grows explosively at an annual rate of 30% to 40%. To meet this growth, it is important that the large number of online payments are processed safely and quickly. "We were looking for a Payment Service Provider that could handle the large number of incoming payments smoothly and efficiently. Speed ​​and reliability are of great importance to Droginet and that is exactly what PAY is. known for. That's why our choice to switch was made very quickly" says Brenda.

The good thing about PAY. is that everything is clear and straightforward: from the quick webshop connection to the contact and the rates. In my opinion, these should be the core values of a good full-service Payment Service Provider.

Focus and collaboration for lasting success

Droginet is an online company that is always focused on growth. That is also the aim of the company's vision for the future.

"We aspire to keep growing. That's what we love. We grow by adapting to the wishes of our customers, but we also grow by listening to their payment needs. At the moment our customers prefer iDEAL and post-payment methods - that’s now our main mix of payment methods. Incidentally, that is also where PAY. fits in nicely by offering these payment solutions at a good rate. In this way we jointly make Droginet a success" says Brenda.


The unlimited possibilities of a "growth mindset"

Based on a mindset that is focused on growth, Droginet is also thinking of possibilities to attract new customers and to retain existing customers even better. The online drugstore does this by meeting customer demand in terms of order volumes and the automation of processes.

Due to the recent move to a building with office space and a distribution center in Winschoten, Droginet is working effectively. Brenda: "I can tell you that the move made everything a lot easier and smoother. We finally have the space now. This will allow us to set up even more efficient work processes in 2020 so that we can continue our growth for the next 10 years."

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