Customer case: Dille & Kamille

Customer case: Dille & Kamille

The story of Dille & Kamille starts in 1974 in a wharf cellar in Utrecht covering just 130 square metres. The start-up caught the eye: the concept of Dille & Kamille was new and went against all prevailing views. Now forty years later, everything is different and yet the same. Dille & Kamille is a successful business and has 34 branches in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

Visiting a Dille & Kamille shop is an experience where timeless unity and beauty are combined with natural materials. Antique furniture is displayed next to baskets filled with dried flowers, and you smell the scent of countless tea blends. You can find products like cane sugar, whole wheat flour and lentils. Home accessories are not lacking either: candles, textiles, and furniture can also be found in the Dille & Kamille shops.


Focus on the physical shop

Businesses in the online and offline worlds compete with each other at an incredible speed in terms of product range and the intertwining of different sales channels. Often, it is emphasised that a physical shop stimulates sales in the online shop. Still, at Dille & Kamille, it works differently. The webshop is an addition rather than a must.

"And that's what distinguishes us from other retailers," says Arnout Baas, manager of e-commerce & new business at Dille & Kamille. "Customers visiting Dille & Kamille like to come and browse through the shop. Another interesting fact is that people don't often ask about the online webshop - they prefer to hear when a physical shop will open in their area.''




'Partnerships are about harmony, commitment, and accessibility'

Dille & Kamille puts a strong emphasis on the physical experience. Still, due to continuing and increasingly relevant trends in online e-commerce, it can not afford to lag behind.

The growth in turnover in the online shop also plays a part in this, so Dille & Kamille must also focus on online e-commerce. In addition, Dille & Kamille wants to serve international customers, making the webshop increasingly relevant. "This will also increase the volume of online transactions. A good payment service provider that keeps payments organized, is essential for us", explains Arnout.

Previously, Dille & Kamille worked with another payment service provider that did not match the company's philosophy because of its rather impersonal approach. That is why Dille & Kamille switched. Arnout: ''Harmony, involvement and accessibility are what we are all about, also in terms of online payments. And that's how PAY. came into the picture: a well-known omnichannel payment service provider that is loyal and involved, and always has an ear for our wishes and needs. In addition, payments are facilitated seamlessly and hassle-free. What more could we want from a payment partner?"

For Dille & Kamille, PAY. has become indispensable as a payment service provider. If there is a problem, big or small, it's simply a matter of 'give us a call'. You are assisted in no time, and the problem is solved instantly. Such commitment and personal contact are rare nowadays with payment service providers, but so natural with PAY.

With PAY. Dille & Kamille is focusing on a carefree future

Dille & Kamille is working very hard on its future. The company is looking for growth opportunities that suit its philosophy. Most importantly, this philosophy is about living in harmony with nature, each other and yourself.

An expansion into Germany is currently planned: "First with physical shops and later through the webshop. Dille & Kamille would also like to extend its concept to other areas, like the fashion and hotel industries." According to Arnout, the possibilities are endless: "it could involve Dille & Kamille clothing collections, workshops, hotel stays or trips."

And finally, Dille & Kamille also wishes to further focus on transferring the shopping experience to the e-commerce environment. Arnout: ''There is plenty to do, but it is all possible because our online payments are handled so well. PAY. provides and unburdens us completely. The link with our other partner Magento has also been set up with PAY. and works perfectly. PAY. offers a diverse mix of payment methods and extra features that further optimise our website. The great thing about this is that PAY. is truly our haven in online payments. Fully aligned with the harmony and balance that we try to pass on to our customers."

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