Your own webshop

Integrating Pay. in your own webshop.

We want to offer all entrepreneurs, big and small, an affordable and complete payment solution. You can use Pay.’s payment platform even if you have developed your own web shop system.

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Interfacing the Pay. API's.

It goes without saying that interfacing with our systems requires a certain degree of technical expertise. Luckily, we offer an extensive sample code and a manual that you can download via our Admin Panel.

To set up the interface, you can use Pay.'s APIs. Each API comes with in-depth documentation and can be tested live via our API test suite. In other words, most developers will have no trouble at all to quickly and easily set up the interface between Pay.’s system and their own web shop.


The process your customer goes through.

From selecting a payment method to completing the payment; this is how your customer completes the process. 

  • On your payment screen (index PHP in the image) you use the API Transaction:getServices to retrieve the payment methods that you selected via the Admin Panel
  • Once your customer selects a payment method, the API Transaction:start is accessed and we will send you an issuer URL. That is the URL of the page to which the customer must be directed, e.g. the Rabobank’s iDEAL page
  • Your customer then completes their payment and is directed to your thank-you/finish page (return PHP in the image)
  • You can retrieve the status of the payment via a unique transaction ID. If the payment failed, you can e.g. redirect the customer to your payment screen. If the payment was completed successfully, you can e.g. update your database, display a thank-you message, send out a confirmation email and process the order.

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