Referral program

Every new customer is worth money

Referral program

As a user of our payment services, you know better than most that an online payment solution does not have to be expensive at all. We reward you for sharing this information with friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues and customers, because every new client is worth money.

How does it work?

We will send you a unique link that you can use to invite new clients to sign up. Your Admin Panel will contain an overview of the clients you've brought in and the rewards you've received for doing so.

Signing up for the referral programme

Anyone with a PAY. account is eligible for participation in the referral programme. If you do not yet have a PAY. account, you can create one here.

Next, you only have to activate the referral option once. On the “Merchant” tab, under “Company details (Affiliation)”, you click on the “Change package options” link under the “Contract” header. In the pop-up that appears, you check the “Referrals” option. You will see that a new option has been added to your “Merchant” tab: “Referrals.”

This page contains your unique referral link, promotional materials for you to use and an overview of the clients you've brought in and the rewards you've received.


Your reward

We will reward you for every new client who signs up via your referral link. Makes running your business even more fun, right?

If one of these new clients decides – even years later – to upgrade to a higher package, you will automatically receive an even greater reward. This will be shown on your Admin Panel.

We're happy to help

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