The Pay. Guarantee fund

Safely engaging in online business.

As a leading Payment Service Provider, Pay. has established its own Guarantee Fund to protect consumers from scams and fraud, thereby increasing confidence in doing business online with Pay. customers.

If a consumer is a victim of a scam or fraud, Pay. can provide compensation to the consumer on a goodwill basis to mitigate the damage suffered by the consumer.

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How do I qualify for the Guarantee Fund?
  1. The Guarantee Fund applies only to scams and fraud and not to bankruptcy (imminent or future).
  2. The Merchant has included a refund period in its terms and conditions of purchase. When the deadline has passed, you can submit your complaint no later than 7 days after this date.
  3. You have contacted the webshop by phone or email and can prove this.
  4. You have started a dispute to which the Merchant has not (diligently) responded. In addition, there is no proof of the shipment or refund. The Merchant has 7 days to send the shipment or initiate the refund.
    --> You can start a dispute by retrieving the payment concerned. Then click on the "Start Dispute" button displayed with the transaction.
  5. You file an online report and include the following information about the Merchant that you receive after initiating a dispute:
    - Company name
    - Name webshop
    - Merchant account number (Note: do not state the account number of Pay.)
    - Chamber of Commerce number
    - VAT number
    - Your contact details
  6. We will send you a deed of cession, which you must sign and return. We take over your claim on the Merchant with the deed of cession. If you choose not to transfer your claim using this deed, you will not be able to use the Guarantee Fund. You must then collect your claim (or have it collected) from the Merchant yourself.
  7. Guarantees are paid out after 21 days.
What can you receive from the Pay. Guarantee Fund?

Under a goodwill arrangement, you will receive:

  • A maximum of 50% of the amount paid.
  • A maximum of € 150 per payment, order or account number.
  • A maximum of €1,000 per Merchant involved. In the event of a higher total value, compensation will be paid pro-rata.
  • If, when collecting the claim, we receive an amount from the Merchant that is higher than €1,000 (and you have not yet received the full amount paid), we will pay out the amount pro rata several times, up to a maximum of the amount originally paid by you (and minus the amount already paid out from the Guarantee Fund).
The Guarantee Fund does not pay out when...
  • you do not send the declaration to us.
  • you do not state the account number of Pay. in the declaration.
  • you do not state the company name of Pay. as the 'counterparty'; this must be the entrepreneur concerned.
  • you do not send a copy of the declaration and the deed of cession to the following e-mail address: garantiefonds@pay.nl.
What can you expect when you pay via Pay.?
  • Pay. has conducted a thorough investigation into the reliability of the merchant. There are no indications of fraud at the time of acceptance and payment.
  • In most cases, Pay. has identified the shareholders, directors and authorised signatories and has screened the merchant for address and company registration.
  • In the event of disputes, Pay. can freeze a Merchant's funds.
  • Pay. will block a Merchant if it receives 3 or more declarations within 35 days.
  • Pay. can refuse, reverse or refute payments in some instances and does not always state the reason for a specific action. If we refuse a payment, think twice before you make the payment directly to the merchant's account.
Please note: Pay. is not legally obliged to activate the Guarantee Fund.

Useful links

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Start a dispute

Would you like to submit a complaint to Pay. and contact the Merchant? First, locate the payment and then click on the 'start dispute' button displayed with the transaction.

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Webshop certification

Check whether the merchant concerned has a certification. Through the Webshop Keurmerk website, you can easily verify whether the merchant actually is certified.


Do you have doubts about the legitimacy of a certain webshop or merchant? You can check if the Dutch police report about a specific merchant.


The Dutch Consumer & Market Authority has drawn up conditions that all web shops must comply with. Check if the webshop concerned sticks to these rules.


Fraud Hotline

Have you been the victim of a scam? Contact the fraud hotline for more information or report it (digitally) to your local police authorities.

Report fraud

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