Customer case:

Customer case: has a rich past. Professional painter and founder Fabian Kerssens saw opportunities in the online sale of professional paint and founded Budgetverf in 2016. The idea behind the e-commerce company was groundbreaking and quickly led to a doubled turnover.

Over the years, Fabian has focused on professionalizing the company. Budgetverf entered long-term partnerships with paint producers, became a local paint supplier and even opened a large physical store in Akersloot (near Alkmaar).

In 2016, Rogier Goed, a good friend of Fabian, joined the company as managing partner. Since then, the entrepreneurs have been involved in the ins and outs of the company as well as an immense growth. And that’s why Rogier and Fabian decided to rename the company to in 2019. leaves competitors behind with unique USPs

With a razor-sharp proposition, has become the paint specialist. The webshop offers a wide selection of top brands that are delivered quickly to your home. has a wide reach and distinguishes itself by offering professional service in combination with competitive deals and user friendliness. "You can only achieve a strong proposition like that with the right team that shares the same values" says Rogier Goed, Managing Partner of



All orders come in through the online sales channel of At the online paint shop you can order paint, wall paint and painting tools from quality brands such as Sikkens and Sigma. "With a lot of benefits, our top brands are up to 40% cheaper! That is one of the distinguishing features of compared to our competitors" says Fabian, director of

Rapid growth requires an all-in-one solution

In order to be able to focus on the front-end of your company, it is essential to have high-quality and well-integrated business software that keeps the processes running back-end. And that’s exactly where Logic4 fills the gap.

With Budgetverf we worked with a custom-developed platform. We were satisfied with the solution, but noticed that we could not fully devote ourselves to developing innovative service elements for our customers. And you know what they say: e-commerce is all about keeping up with the trends so that you stay relevant. Unlike before, we now finally have the time to focus on these goals, thanks to our switch to Logic4 and PAY.

The choice for Logic4 was a conscious decision made by The online business software is an all-in-one solution that fully integrates functions such as administration, logistics and finance back-end. The back of the online webshop is being managed by Logic4 without the processes having an impact on the front.




In addition to the solid and well-functioning technology, there is more to the choice for Logic4. Rogier: "Our previous Payment Service Provider was not connected to Logic4. With our switch to other webshop software, we have also switched from payment provider to PAY. This switch has been a huge win-win situation for"

The switch to the Logic4 webshop software and the connection with our payment provider PAY. contributes to an optimal omnichannel customer experience, also in regards to our payment methods.

Extending distinctiveness to partners

In view of the USPs of, Fabian and Rogier also want to extend the distinctiveness of their company to their partner relationships. In terms of the process, enjoys streamlined and integrated processes at a high level with Logic4. Logic4 takes care of order processing, logistics and administration.

This also applies to the handling of online transactions with PAY. as a payment partner. "It is self-evident that everything works, but it is not that obvious. With PAY. as a payment provider, we do not notice the complexity of current payments and transactions. Everything is seamlessly processed and facilitated. This allows us to focus as much as possible on things that make even more unique" says Rogier.


The only way is up

Buying paint sounds relatively simple, but it is far from easy. If you want to paint your living room in a certain color, you will soon visit the local hardware store. There is a dizzyingly large and pricey range of do-it-yourself quality paint products, but you won't find professional products on the shelves anywhere. How do you make the right choice when the construction market often lacks in expert advice?

That’s simple and exactly where Fabian and Rogier see an opportunity. Fabian: "We want to make the experience of buying quality paint even easier for our customers, even in specific situations. That is why we work hard to always have paint experts ready, regardless of the means of communication. Not only for the consumer, but in the short term also for professionals."




Now that the webshop is supported both front and back-end by quality partners, entrepreneurial friends Fabian and Rogier will certainly not stand still. As pioneers in the field of professional online paint, they want to continue to innovate with, both product and customer wise.

PAY. shares the same values as convenience, service and razor-sharp deals. In addition, the service is fantastic, as is the personal contact and dedication of the account managers.

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