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Develop a professional shop with all kinds of practical and innovative features: Luondo

With the help of the Dutch webshop system Luondo, a start-up and established entrepreneur can develop a professional webshop with a wide range of practical and innovative features. Technical knowledge and experience is not necessary ... you will have a professional webshop in no time!

Get help from Community

Luondo users are part of an online community where you can ask questions about setting up or expanding your webshop.

Hosted webshop solution

You can always use our payment solutions via Luondo. Using a plugin is unnecessary because the PAY. link is processed directly in the Luondo system. You can easily arrange the entire installation via the back office of your webshop. PAY. set up a step-by-step online guide that you can download from our Admin Panel. With the help of this manual, you can connect Luondo and PAY. within minutes.

Search-engine-friendly and more

Running your webshop via the system of Luondo means that your webshop is optimized for all search engines. In addition to this option, there are many other features that help you setting up a fully-fledged and professional webshop. Some of those options include multilingualism, user-friendly URLs, deals of the day, viewing order history, sending newsletters, setting scales, managing inventory and much more.

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