Receive payments via the OK App!

OK is an app intended to replace the physical wallet. Consumers can link various payment accounts and customer cards to the OK app, and easily store lottery and other tickets, and savings and discount promotions. They can then use the OK app to make both off- and online payments, with everything stored in the app working together automatically.


Convenience for the consumer is not the only advantage that the OK app has to offer – it provides valuable insights for the merchant too. Enabling consumers to use the OK app for making payments, saving up loyalty points and so on, means that they create customer profiles that can be used for targeted campaigns. Even if a consumer only uses the OK app to make payments, this already offers the possibility of building profiles – completely in line with the new European privacy legislation (GDPR), naturally.


The OK app is compatible with all Dutch bank cards, and the built-in QR scanner makes it easy to use for online transactions. For in-store payments, the app generates a barcode linked to the debit card, which can then be scanned by the cashier. After the barcode has been scanned, the consumer clicks the OK button to confirm the transaction. Customer loyalty cards or discount promotions are automatically included in the transaction process.


  1. On arriving at the checkout in your online shop, the customer chooses the option of paying with OK
  2. When making a purchase using a desktop/tablet device, the customer scans the OK QR code with the OK app. Alternatively, when using a smartphone, the device switches automatically to the OK app during the purchase
  3. The customer chooses the correct payment account
  4. An OK request arrives, showing the customer exactly which address and other details are being shared, and any discounts and/or points they will receive
  5. Finally, the customer confirms the orders


  1. In your cash register system, you can indicate that your customer wishes to pay with OK
  2. Your customer opens their OK app and chooses the payment account
  3. You scan the payment account barcode
  4. The customer confirms the transaction in the OK app

Integrating OK into your online shop or checkout system

If you would like to integrate OK into your online shop or checkout system, or if you would like to receive more information, please contact us at sales@pay.nl or by telephone on +31 (0)88 88 666 66. We’ll be happy to help!

OK’s best features
  • More insight into the mobile customer journey
  • Loyalty programmes and customer cards are automatically included
  • Familiar, trusted, and with a wide reach
  • Direct insight into payments means you can deliver right away
  • For both business and private customers
  • Completely mobile payment process
  • Quick and easy to integrate using our ready-made plug-ins

OK rates

xs Pioneer Full service
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


The OK payment option is being used in the Netherlands

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