Carte Bleue

The most popular online payment method in France

Carte Bleue

Do you sell your products or services in France? If so, PAY. can offer you the Carte Bleue payment method. With this debit card, your French customers can pay for their online purchases immediately in your online shop. This popular payment card is issued by all major French banks. Any card with the “Verified by Visa” logo can safely be used to conduct online payments.

Carte Bleue: the 'biggest deal' in France

In France, the Carte Bleue is the most popular online payment method. This should come as no surprise, with more than sixty million cardholders. Half of these cards are supported by Visa and can therefore be used for online payments. All Carte Bleue cards “by Visa” can be used to conduct payments in your online shop immediately via our payment system. With such an enormous reach, this payment method is a must for any e-commerce entrepreneur who conducts business in France.

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Affiliated French banks

Account holders at the BNP, CCF, Crédit du Nord, CIC, Crédit Lyonnais and Société Générale banks will receive a Carte Bleue by Visa card that can be used to conduct online payments.

An online shop with Carte Bleue

To easily add the Carte Bleue payment method to your online shop, you can use our free ready-for-use plug-ins. Carte Bleue is what we call a debit card, and is available through the Professional (S) package.

As you've come to expect from us by now, the payment screens are compatible with any device. The Carte Bleue payment screen is shown in French by default, but it's also available in English and Dutch.

Easy and quick installation with our plug-ins

You can choose from a wide range of systems to link our payment solutions to your online shop. We have developed ready-for-use plug-ins for several systems. Installing our plug-and-play solution does not require any technical expertise. We offer a plug-in for all popular e-commerce systems, including Magento, Opencart, Prestashop and many more.

More payment methods for France

In addition to Carte Bleue, we also offer other payment methods such as MasterCard and PayPal, which your French customers can use to make online payments immediately in your online shop. Offering these payment options in your online shop enables your French customers to pay for their online purchases easily and safely.

An overview of the advantages
  • The most popular payment option in France
  • Suitable for all sectors
  • Direct connection via PAY., easy to set up
  • Can be linked to your website or online shop with just a few clicks
  • No need to sign any additional contracts

Carte Bleue availability

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


The Carte Bleue credit card is used in France.
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