PAY. welcomes Przelewy24

Increase your conversion in Poland

Przelewy24 (P24) is the most popular payment method in Poland, enabling customers to pay through their own, trusted banking environment. To facilitate this for as many consumers as possible, Przelewy24 offers support for 165 Polish banks.

If you have existing or potential customers in Poland and want to offer them the best service possible, we recommend that you offer Przelewy24 (P24) in your online shop. Increase your customer satisfaction and conversion in Poland now, by offering this popular payment method.

How does Przelewy24 work?

The payment process is very similar to that of iDEAL, is secure and trusted, and is carried out entirely within the consumer’s internet banking environment. In addition, consumers can pay in their trusted currency - the Polish złoty (PLN) - while you simply receive their payment in euros. In Poland, bank transfer is the most popular online payment method, accounting for 80-90% of online payments. Poland is also a market with a great deal of potential for e-commerce.

Immediate financial certainty

P24 guarantees the payment to you as merchant without a chargeback risk; the payment is confirmed immediately and therefore cannot be reversed by the consumer (your customer).



You can activate Przelewy24 yourself in the Admin panel, after which the payment option will be immediately available.

Plug-ins and standard payment screen

If you use our standard payment screen, then the update will be automatically implemented and you don’t need to do anything. The same applies to our plug-ins.

API link

If you have activated P24 in your sales location, you can pick up Przelewy24 automatically via our SDK or Transaction API.

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