iDEAL QR now also available in ABN AMRO and ING mobile apps

From now on, anyone with a smartphone and their bank’s mobile app can use iDEAL QR for making payments. In addition to Knab and Rabobank, ABN AMRO and ING have now also built the iDEAL QR scan functionality into their mobile banking apps. This means that customers can immediately scan the iDEAL QR codes to pay invoices, for example, or pay at self-service checkouts in shops. Customers of other banks can also use iDEAL QR for payments, but lack the integration in the app. At PAY., we’re already seeing a significant growth in the number of QR payments, and that’s only going to increase following the addition of these two major banks. According to Currence, 14 million iDEAL QR codes had already been created within the first four months of 2019 by 13 different payment service providers and banks.


‘QR codes enable all retail channels to use iDEAL as a payment method,’ says Piet Mallekoote, Director of Currence iDEAL. ‘The use of iDEAL QR codes on printed invoices enables rapid payment without errors. Charities such as KWF can print iDEAL QR codes on collection boxes, banners, clothing and posters, so that people can easily donate using their smartphones, whether it be at the front door, on the street or at an event.’

PAY. was there when QR payments arrived on the scene

PAY. had already predicted the rise of QR payments a year and a half ago. In fact, PAY. has been providing a QR code on its iDEAL payment screens since 2015, which customers can use with any normal QR scanner app.

“We were there when this innovative payment option arrived,’ says Olaf Kok, PAY.’s founder and COO. His advice is not to link directly to the bank, but to leave the choice of bank in the iDEAL screen, enabling customers to use the QR code immediately.  

This would mean someone could easily make a payment via Rabobank without needing a Random Reader.

Want to know more about iDEAL QR?

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