Customer Case: Dille & Kamille | Complete unburdening of online and offline payments

PAY. is the omnichannel Payment Service Provider that fully provides and unburdens Dille & Kamille in online and offline payments

The story of Dille & Kamille starts in 1974, in a 130 square meters wharf cellar in Utrecht. At that time the company’s concept was new and refreshing as it went against all prevailing views. And now, 40 years later, everything is different but also the same. Dille & Kamille is more successful than ever with 34 physical stores in The Netherlands and Belgium.


Visiting a Dille & Kamille store is an experience where eternal beauty and natural materials come together. Antique furniture is carefully put next to baskets full of dried flowers while the scent of countless tea blends fills up the air. You will also find other products like cane sugar, whole wheat flour, candles, textile and furniture.


Emphasis on the physical store

In the online and offline world companies compete with each other at an unprecedented speed, trying to stand out with their products and how their sales channels are intertwined. It goes without saying that physical stores stimulate online sales. This process however works differently for Dille & Kamille; the webshop is more of a supplement than a must.

"And that's what makes us different from other retailers," says Arnout Baas, e-commerce & new business manager at Dille & Kamille. "Customers who visit Dille & Kamille like to come there to browse and look around. Fun fact: customers are less likely to ask about the webshop - they would rather hear when a physical store is opened in their area."

'Partnerships are all about harmony, involvement and accessibility'

Dille & Kamille strongly emphasizes the physical experience, but they can’t stay behind when it comes to the online part which is extremely relevant in the ever so changing e-commerce industry.

The growth of turnover in the webshop also plays a role in this, which means that Dille & Kamille should also focus on online e-commerce. In addition, Dille & Kamille also want to serve international customers which makes the webshop even more significant. Arnout admits: "This will also increase the volume of our online transactions. That’s why a good Payment Service Provider - one that keeps payments transparent at all times - is essential to us".


Dille & Kamille previously worked with another Payment Service Provider that did not match the company's philosophy. That’s why Dille & Kamille switched to PAY. Arnout: "Harmony, involvement and accessibility: that is what matters to us, especially in the field of online payments. And that’s also how PAY. came into our sight. They are a well-known omnichannel Payment Service Provider. They are loyal, involved and they always listen to our wishes and needs. In addition, payments are processed seamlessly and without problems. What else does one need from a payment partner?"

Arnout Baas, e-commerce & new business manager at Dille & Kamille:

PAY. is indispensable as a Payment Service Provider. It doesn’t matter if the problem is small or big: we can call PAY. in a heartbeat and they will fix the problem in seconds. The level of involvement and personal contact are very rare nowadays… but with PAY. it’s self-evident and that’s what we really love about them."

Focusing on the future without worrying

Dille & Kamille is continuously working on future plans. The company is looking for growth opportunities that match the company's philosophy. This philosophy is mainly focused around living life in harmony with nature, each other and with yourself.

Expanding and opening a physical store in Germany is currently a short-term goal. After the successful store opening the German webshop will follow. In addition, Dille & Kamille wants to extend their philosophy to different industries. According to Arnout the extension to other sectors can be interpreted endlessly: "We can either start a Dille & Kamille clothing line, workshops, hotels or even organize a trip from A to Z."


Finally, Dille & Kamille is planning to continue transferring their shopping experience to e-commerce. Arnout: "There is plenty of work to do! At least we don’t have to worry about our online payments as they are in very good hands. PAY. takes away all our worries and unburdens us completely. A great example is the connection that our webshop has with Magento. The integration via PAY. went smoothly and everything works great. PAY. offers a broad range of payment methods and extra features that optimize our website even more. The great thing about all of this is the harmony and balance that we try to transfer to our customers. PAY. is a really our 'peaceful oasis' when it comes to online payments."


For more information, contact us at or by telephone on 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.
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