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Conditions for the PAY. guarantee fund

PAY. guarantee funds

PAY. is a payment organisation that falls under the supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank. When it comes to your payment to a merchant, we have the same status as your bank or the bank of the recipient of the payment. The agreement is made between the buyer (you) and the merchant (the entrepreneur or online shop).

If you do not trust an online shop, we recommend choosing the option of paying in arrears. This is a mandatory payment option that all online shops have to offer their customers in accordance with the regulations of the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM).


Despite our careful and extensive screening process, it is possible that an online shop will suddenly stop delivering products. It is of the utmost importance that PAY. be notified of any such situation as quickly as possible. That is why we have established a GUARANTEE FUND.

Eligibility for the guarantee fund

This Guarantee Fund is only used for scams and fraud, not for cases of bankruptcy/impending bankruptcy.

  1. The Merchant has included a reimbursement term in their purchase conditions. This period must already have passed. You file your claim within seven days of this date.
  2. You have first attempted to contact the online shop directly, but they have failed to respond to your calls or emails.
  3. You have filed a dispute and the Merchant has failed to respond properly. You have not received any evidence of a shipment or reimbursement. The Merchant has seven days to provide this evidence.
    You can file a dispute by selecting the payment in question and clicking on the “File dispute” button.
  1. You submit your report and include the following information about the Merchant, which you will receive after filing a dispute:
    • Name of the organisation
    • Name of the online shop
    • The entrepreneur’s bank account number (Note: do not list PAY.’s bank account number!)
    • CoC number
    • VAT number
    • Contact information
  2. We will send you an act of cession, which you must sign and return to us. With this act of cession, we will take over your claim with the Merchant*1.
  3. The guarantees will be paid out twenty-one days after the closing of the Merchant.

*1 If you choose not to transfer your claim via an act of cession, you are not eligible for the guarantee fund. In that case, it is your responsibility to resolve your claim with the Merchant.

What will you receive from the PAY. guarantee fund?

  • Based on goodwill
  • Up to 50% of the paid amount
  • Up to €150 per payment/order/account number
  • Up to €1,000 per Merchant involved*2
  • If we resolve our claim with the Merchant and receive a sum of more than €1,000 and you have not yet been reimbursed for the full amount you paid, we will pay out the remaining amount in proportion, with a maximum of the amount you originally paid minus the sum you already received from the guarantee fund.

The guarantee fund does not pay out if...

  • You do not submit your claim to us
  • You include PAY.’s bank account number in your claim
  • You list PAY.’s company name as the “opposing party.” Instead, you should list the company name of the Merchant in question.

Please submit a copy of your claim and the act of cession to the following email address:

*2 If the total value is higher than €1,000, the reimbursement will be paid out in proportion. 

Did you know that PAY. is the only Dutch payment provider that offers consumers these guarantees?
This makes paying via PAY. even safer and more reliable.

What assurances does PAY. offer?

  • PAY. has thoroughly assessed the Merchant’s reliability. At the time of your payment’s acceptance and processing, there are no indications of fraud;
  • PAY. has, in most cases, identified the shareholders, directors and authorised signatories and screened the entrepreneur’s address and commercial registration;
  • PAY. can freeze a Merchant’s assets in the event of a dispute;
  • PAY. will block a Merchant if it receives three or more claims during a thirty-five-day period;
  • PAY. can refuse, revert or refund payments only in select cases. However, we cannot always reveal our reasons for doing so. If we refuse a payment, we advise you to think carefully before transferring your payment directly to the Merchant’s bank account.

Note: PAY. has no legal obligation to make use of its guarantee fund.

Useful links


Certification available?

Check whether the online shop in question is certified. Next, you can go to the certification’s own website to verify whether the Merchant is actually affiliated.


Verify the online shop’s legitimacy

Do you have doubts about the legitimacy of an online shop or entrepreneur? This website allows you to check whether any reports have been submitted about the Merchant in question.


ACM conditions

The Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) has drawn up conditions that all online shops must comply with. Check whether the online shop in question does so.


File a dispute

If you want to submit a complaint to PAY. and come into contact with a Merchant, you must first find the payment in question and click on the “File dispute” button next to the transaction.


File a report

If you are the victim of fraud, you should contact the Fraud Help Desk for more information or submit your digital report via

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