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Software development kit

Our SDKs are suitable for developers who are looking for maximum freedom when integrating our payment options. The SDKs contain the main functionalities to manage a transaction and are available for various programming languages.


How does it work?

Via the PAY. SDK, you can easily perform the following functions with a few code lines:

  • Retrieve desired payment methods
  • Start a transaction
  • Refund a transaction
  • Determine the status of a transaction
  • Process exchange request
  • Process return page request

The SDKs contain sample scripts for all of the above functions so that the integration can be realized quickly.

Programming languages

PAY. currently offers SDKs for the following programming languages:


SDKs are a standard feature in every package.


The SDK feature is free of charge.

Read more about our packages or register directly.

xs Pioneer Available
xs Professional Available
xs Business Available
xs Corporate Available

More features

Match request
Match request

Link transactions with incorrect payment references

Recurring payments
Recurring payments

Repeated payments via creditcard and direct debit

Smartphone app
Smartphone app

The PAY. app is available for Android and iOS


Export MT940 and CSV files for your financial records

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