API testsuite

Test APIs quickly and easily

The API testsuite

The API testsuite has been developed for webshops, websites and apps that use their own implementation. The testsuite enables you to live call all PAY. APIs. This way a developer can become familiar with the various possibilities of relevant APIs. This also allows you to compare whether the actual output corresponds with the expected output.


How does it work?

You can find the API testsuite in the Admin Panel via the support tab. For this functionality 4 options must be selected.

  • The namespace of the API: for example, Transaction;
  • Function: e.g., Start;
  • Version: An API gets a new version after an update;
  • Output: The format of the received result. The following formats are available: array, serialized array, JSON, jsonp, txt, and XML.

If the API requires certain parameters, you can enter them after selecting the namespace and function. Finally, you can execute the API call. You will receive the result in the format that you selected under the ''output'' option. The code that was used when calling the relevant API is also shown. You can use this code within your own implementation.

See an example


The ''API testsuite'' is a standard feature in every package.


No extra fee is charged for the use of the API testssuite feature.

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